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County Beaver Sleepover at Lower Grange Farm

On Saturday 7th July, 130 excited Beaver Scouts arrived at Grange farm to experience their 1st Nights away experience!

The event started with parachute games for everyone in the court yard which was great fun!
The time schedule was pretty tight! The challenge was to do all 16 bases which I think most Beavers achieved during the day!

Nigel Smetham delivered a presentation on’ Water Wise’ activities produced by Southern Water! The Beavers were able to take part in activity bases on being water wise and learnt lots about how to be sensible and save water in a really exciting way! Build a butt; Float your boat, World in a bucket and water filters were firm favourites! Water and Beavers is always Fun!

Archery, Orienteering music, faith trail, international cooking were also very popular.

The day finished with amazing camp fire with the Beavers singing all the funny songs they had learnt during the day! ‘A little bird told me that that some beavers are still singing the shack song!’
The Beavers could not wait to get into their sleeping bags! This is always the high light of the event!
Torches out and lots of ZZZZ!

Due to heavy rain during the night the Olympic challenges changed into crafts and word searches!
The Beavers had a great time and went home with a tote bag and a hand full of badges!

Kathy Smith
Assistant County Commissioner for Beaver Scout

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