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Methodist Beavers Seed Tray Gardens

On Friday the 29th June our Beaver meeting was a hub of imagination as our Beavers made gardens in seed trays that were to be entered in to the local R.H.S Show.

The next day and the Beavers had all brought in plastic animals or small toys to decorate them we filled the trays with compost split them in to 4 groups and let them loose the result was 4 very different gardens 14 very happy beavers and lots of earth and seed on the floor with many badgework ticks too.

We took them along to the Baptist Church where the show was being held they did amazingly well getting a 1st, 2nd, 3rd and a highly recommended an absolutely fantastic result. All the Beavers took home some sunflower seeds to grow at home for the next show in September.

Debbie (Owl)

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