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600 Cubs buzzed around 4 zones at the Detling showground.  Fun, Land, Air and Water!  All the activities were designed to give Cubs a real taste of what it is like to be a Scout. With over 40 different activities on offer there was plenty to choose from and the ideas were fantastic.  Who can say they go to climb up a rope, put a wheel on a car, take part in a TV show and kayak on dry land! 

Cubs also got the chance to have a photo with the Olympic torch - you can see these on a separate page under Past Events.

Massive thanks to the zone leaders - Zoe, Rob, Dean, Lee, Kevin, Steve, Ken and Pat who spent months planning activities, encouraging volunteers to help them and hours spent preparing.  We couldn't have done it without you.  Thanks too to the ladies who made tea all day and then cleaned all the toilets!  Linda, Julie and Claire were stars!  Thanks to everyone who helped, no matter what they did.

The Hullabaloo roadshow managed proceedings during the day which culminated in a mass badge presentation to all the young people.  A super end to a great day. 

We've got some marvellous memories of our time with Kent Cubs and we shall treasure each and every moment!  Thanks to all of you for making the last ten years so special.

Beccy and Bunty

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