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The Outdoor Adventures Team provide events, have-a-go sessions, training and assessment for permits and support Groups and Districts to get outdoors and enjoy Scout adventures.


Kent Scouts runs international trips and adventures for young people. Representing the County and the UK, they make up the 'Kent Contingent'.

Community impact

Community Impact encourages Scouts to take practical action in the service of others, in order to create positive social change.


The inclusion team work closely relevant organisations to support accessibility and inclusion across Scouting in Kent.

Awards and badges

Scouting has a wide range of badges and awards, both as part of the National badge scheme and locally available to members in Kent.

Young leaders

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Youth sections

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Coming up

IMC Hill Walking & Wild Camping long weekend
24th May 2024, 18:30 -
27th May 2024, 21:00

First Aid - Complete course (10A&B)
25th May 2024, 10:00

First Aid (10B) - Practical
1st June 2024, 9:00

First Aid - Complete course (10A&B)
1st June 2024, 9:30

First Aid - Complete course (10A&B)
1st June 2024, 10:00

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Telephone: 01622 397070
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