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Kent Invicta Challenge Award


The Kent Invicta Challenge Award aims to encourage young people from all sections to get actively involved in all kinds of Scouting activity and event at a Group, District, County, National and even International level.

Your Colony, Pack, Troop or Unit will probably already be involved with some of these activities, but we hope there are some exciting new challenges there for you too.

How the Award Works

To achieve the Award, young people must complete two challenges from each of four sections: K, E, N and T.  The challenges may be completed individually, as a small group (such as a Six or Patrol), or as a whole Colony, Pack, Troop or Unit.  Young people who complete all eight challenges will receive a cloth badge. This may be worn on their uniform above the left breast pocket.

Download the challenge & sign-off form for your section

Applying for the Award

To apply for the Award, complete the sign-off form ensuring that all the challenges are listed and verified by a section or activity leader. Explorers and Scout Network members are also required to attach evidence of their activities; other section members are also welcome to attach some evidence such as a photograph or a newspaper cutting.

The sign-off sheet should then be sent to the County Office.

If you are applying for the Award for your Colony, Pack, Troop or Unit and all the activities are the same, it is only necessary to complete one sign-off form but please remember to clearly write the number of badges you require on the form.

Presenting the Award

Your sectional ACC will contact you to arrange a date and time to present the Award(s). You can start working on the Award from now. Good luck!

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