County Awards

The annual County awards recognise exceptional projects and people across the County.

Nominations are welcome from young people, parents and leaders and cover 10 categories from Young Person of the Year to the Growth and Development Award.

Award categories

Community Project

Invidividuals, Sections, Groups or Districts that have engaged with their local community to make a difference. Projects might include supporting a local organisation, A Million Hands project or raising the awareness of Scouting.

Youth Shaped Award

Projects conceived, developed and delivered in partnership with young people and adults. This could include a new way of working, an event, a fundraising project or championing the voice of young people in the local area. The nomination can either be for a project itself or an individual that has enabled/driven the project.

Growth and Development Award

Individuals, Sections, Groups or Districts that have delivered an initiative that has grown and developed Scouting in their locality. Projects could be an event, promotional campaign, training or recruitment strategy.

Fundraiser of the Year

Individual, Section, Group or District that has successfully fundraised for Scouting or in support of another charity. Examples include fundraising for a new HQ or facility, sponsorship events, inivative fundraising methods.

Young Person of the Year

Nominations may be given for young people showing strength of character, overcoming adversity, reaching their potential, outstanding achievement, helping others, living by the Scout Promise, upholding the Scout values.

Young Leader of the Year

Nominations may be given for Young Leaders who have shown dedication and commitment to their Sections, demonstrated exceptional leadership and developed the Section they work within.

Adult Leader or Supporter of the Year

Nominations for any leader who has shown dedication and commitment to their section, driven change, implemented Youth Shaped Scouting - or any other reason that makes them a great leader!

Trustee of the Year

Officer or member of a Committee that has helped develop Scouting.

Media Award

Invidividuals, Sections, Groups or Districts promoting Scouting or communicating effectively with their membership. Examples include positive media coverage, well maintained websites and/or social media presence, local communication, video production, media resources or promotional activities.

Skills For Life Award

A new category in recognition of those putting the skills and values learnt through Scouting into practice.

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