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This ‘ultimate’ challenge has been put together using criteria and ideas developed at the Kent Cubs Forum in November 2022 – special thanks to all of those Cubs and your leaders for your excellent ideas.

The idea is that this challenge should be spread across the whole year to compliment and sit alongside your programme; it contains things that you are likely already doing and things that can be grouped together. These activities will also tick off criteria for many other badges and Challenges so be sure to cross-reference and earn as many as you can

The activities should be completed as part of the Pack programme but not every Cub needs to be present for every activity for it to count – similarly a Cub who joins part way through the year should not be excluded as long as they have taken part in some activities before the badge is finished. It is earned as a team.

Part One – Pic n’ mix

Complete 6 things from this list:

  • Attend a County or District event
  • Take part in a charitable event – you could be volunteering for a charity, supporting an organised event, fundraising with your own event etc, it is your choice
  • Take part in an international themed activity
  • Create a decoration for your meeting place, such as a totem pole, flag, sign etc
  • Visit somewhere you can learn about history, such as a castle, museum etc
  • Create and build an invention! Perhaps from recycling

  • Invite the County team to visit your Pack

  • Make something to have a positive impact on the environment e.g. a bug hotel, bird feeder
  • Cook a meal and hold a dinner party, perhaps for parents or District/County reps

Part Two – Air, Land, Water and Dark!

Complete at least one adventure from each category – this does not have to be one of the suggestions below as long as it fits the theme

  • Air: zip line, climbing, crate stacking etc
  • Land: hike, archery, shelter building
  • Water: jet ski, sailing, canoeing, raft building, pond dipping
  • Dark: caving/cave bus, night hike, camp/sleepover

Part Three – for Leaders

Please complete both elements:

  • Arrange an activity with another Pack you don’t usually meet with

  • Learn a new skill and teach it to your Cubs

The cut off point for earning this badge is 31st March 2024

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