Learning aims and objectives

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Delivering a Quality Programme (12A)

This module aims to provide volunteers with the knowledge and skills that they need about programme in order to be effective in their role, including the key elements of a programme, understanding what is meant by a balanced programme, what a quality programme looks like and the importance of youth shaped Scouting in planning and reviewing the programme.

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Fundamental Values of Scouting (05)

To use the Personal Development Areas to explore the links between the values expressed in the Purpose, Principles and Methods of Scouting and a balanced programme, the awards and badges.

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Scouting for All (07)

To cover the policies of The Scout Association that promote diversity and consider how the individual, in their role, can help to make Scouting available to all.


First Response (10)

To cover the skills and knowledge necessary to enable adults to manage an incident and provide basic First Aid.


Administration (11)

To cover the records and procedures necessary for the effective administration (including personal and financial records, insurance
issues and accident/emergency procedures).

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The Programme

Programme Planning (12B)

This module aims to provide leaders with the knowledge and skills they need to plan a Sectional programme, including how to use a variety of methods to generate programme ideas, how to ensure young people’s ideas are included in programme planning, how to review a balanced programme and the importance of reviewing the programme with other members of the leadership team, and to put these skills in practice.


Running Safe Activities (17)

Covering the topics of Responsibilities, Risk assessments, Activity Permits, Insurance & Accident reporting.

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Introduction to Residential Experiences (16)

To enable section leaders and supporters who may support residential experiences for young people, as part of their role in Scouting, to understand the role that residential experiences play in Scouting.


International (19)

To provide an international focus appropriate to their section and appreciate the global nature of Scouting.


The People

Supporting Young People (14)

To enable adults working with sections to identify and meet the needs of young people.

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Promoting Positive Behaviour (15)

To enable adults to prevent and manage challenging behaviour in the sections.

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Growing the Section (13)

To cover ways in which an adult volunteering with a section can work with their line manager and others to plan and contribute to the growth of their section and/or Group.

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Working with Adults (09)

To cover the underpinning functions required to work effectively as a member of an adult team.


Skills of Leadership (08)

To cover the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to be an effective leader


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First Aid - Complete course (10A&B)
21st July 2024, 9:30

Roverway 2024
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First Aid - Complete course (10A&B)
3rd August 2024, 9:00

Young Leader: First Aid Masterclass
3rd August 2024, 9:00 - 16:30

First Aid (10B) - Practical
10th August 2024, 9:00

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