Bring a friend, earn a badge!

Scout Mate

The Scout Mate badge scheme is designed to support recruitment of young people and adult volunteers.

Scout Mate

Aim: Bring a friend, earn a badge! Help Scouting grow by introducing a mate to your section of Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers or Network and when they are invested you'll earn a badge!

The badge is awarded when: Your mate is invested

The badge is awarded to: That's you; the young person who brought their friend along

The badge is worn: Lower right forearm, towards cuff


  1. Introduce your friend to the other young people and your leaders
  2. Look after your friend and show them around your meeting place on their first night
  3. Show your friend what to do during the games and activities for the next few weeks
  4. Help prepare your friend for their investiture by telling them about the uniform and explaining, with help from your leader if needed, the promise and history of Scouting
  5. With your leader, play an active role in your friend's investiture

Resources: Scout Mate Flyer

Completed the award?: Request your badge

Scout Mate Gold

Aim: Go for Gold! Work together as a group to recruit at least one adult using 3 activities and you'll get a badge!

The badge is awarded when: A new adult agrees a role with their line manager at the first stage of the recruitment process

The badge is awarded to: Everyone involved in the three activities and the recruitment

The badge is worn: Lower right forearm, towards cuff


  1. Use local or social media to tell people about Scouting
  2. Promote volunteering at your meeting place using a Volunteer Vacancy Board or something similar. Visit the Brand Centre for resources
  3. Hold an open evening for parents and locals to encourage them to help Scouting. You can contact your local Growth & Development Officer for help
  4. Make sure your actions mean at least one new adult becomes a leader or trustee

Resources: Scout Mate Gold Flyer

Completed the award?: Request your badge

Scout Mate: Good for Two Open Evening Badge

Aim: To help recruit parents of children in the group

We find one of the best ways to get parents and carers involved with Scouting is to invite them to join in some hands-on activities at an open evening. A Good for Two open evening is a tried and tested format which combines simple, fun activities with asking adults if they’d like to get more involved.

The badge is awarded to: young people who bring an adult to an open evening

The badge is worn: Lower right forearm, towards cuff


If you’d like to run a Good For Two open evening you have two choices

  1. If you’d like to us to run the evening for you contact the G&D team here. We’ll start by chatting to you on the phone about what you’d like to achieve, visit your meeting place and then run the event with you. We’ll bring the badges along ready to give out at the event.
  2. If you’d like to run an open evening yourself then Join one of our Good For Two on-line webinars and we’ll go through in detail how to plan and run a successful event. We’ll cover timing, activities, how to give a parent talk and potential pitfalls. We’ll tell you at the webinar how to get your badges.

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