LED video wall

The LED videowall is a resource available to Scouting in Kent.

The screen measures 2.8m x 1.7m and has a supporting frame which can be varied in width and height.

The wall allows content to be played on the screen indoors and outdoors in daylight conditions.

It can be supplied with or without audio equipment for playing sound.

Power requirements

The wall as a minimum requires a standard 13amp power supply (normal plug socket) with nothing else running on it. The sound system requires a separate 13amp power supply. The wall can also be connected to a 16amp supply if available. If using in a remote location without mains power, an adequate industrial generator will be required (not the sort of portable generator that can be bought domestically). It is up to the hirer to arrange a suitable power supply.

What can it be used for?

It is best suited to large events which could include - promoting Scouting to the public, District camps, Award evenings and community events.

Content such as videos, pictures and large messages work well due to the resolution. Smaller text and detail, like you might find in a PowerPoint presentation won't display well and would be better suited to a digital projector.

The wall is supplied with a laptop to run the content. This can play most video formats, but if in doubt we recommend submitting content in advance. The laptop must be housed in a dry location. You should ensure that you have the appropriate copyright permission or license to play your chosen content.

Application process

If you have a potential use for the wall you can make a request below. All applications will be reviewed on their impact, availability and prior use. As a large, heavy item, transportation is also a factor. If this is something you are able to assist with, you can specify this below.

The aim is to cover a small number of large events each year. If unsuccessful, please do apply for subsequent events.

Applications will be reviewed periodically - for the best chance of success, please make submissions far in advance of your event. Due to needing to arrange the logistics to provide the wall it may take us time to confirm availability (possibly close to the event) so please plan accordingly.

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